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Welcome to the Great Britain Family Names Profiling website which presents the findings of a project based at University College London (UCL) that is investigating the distribution of surnames in Great Britain, both current and historic. It allows users to search the databases that we have created, and to trace the geography and history of their family names. On each page of the website, you will find a Help link on the top-right corner which We hope will answer any questions you might have.

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Data Sources:

UK and Ireland data: Experian International Ltd
US data: Dr. D. Kenneth Tucker, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada
Australia data: Pacific Micromarketing Pty
New Zealand data: Circular Distributors
Great Britain Census of 1881: Economic and Social Research Council Data Archive


Thanks to the following for their contributions: The Economic and Social Research Council for Impact Grant funding for our research project on web-based dissemination of the geography of genealogy (RES-172-25-0019)
Circular Distributors, Experian, Pacific Micromarketing, Dr D. Ken Tucker, Professor Kevin Schürer for the supply of data and advice.

Project Acknowledgements:

Professor Paul Longley
Alex Singleton
Richard Webber, UCL Visiting Professor
Dr Daryl Lloyd

If you wish to provide any feedback, comments, or corrections, please Contact us. 

Experian: ESRC:
Pinpoint CASA: